Clarity Is Coming for You!

Ever had one of those “AHA!” moments?  You know, where your brain’s analyzed understanding intersects with your heart’s knowing?  Suddenly, the feeling connects with the words. There is an exileration as if you have just discovered the meaning of life – and you have! (On that subject anyway…)  Immediately after the exhileration comes feelings of calm and rightness, like your inner lens has finally brought into focus the true image, and it is more beautiful than first imagined.  The full body/mind/spirit connection on this particular thing has now solidified and is part of your knowing for all time.  What a rush!

Have you also noticed that this clarity happens when you least expect it?  It didn’t come to you when you were thinking hard about it.  It didn’t come to you when you were analyzing how others came to understand it and then became frustrated with yourself for not “getting it.”  Clarity comes when you least expect it, and therefore, you are not resisting it.  Simply put, clarity comes when you are in your flow.

There is a saying about how your ship comes in over calm seas.  If the water is turbulent, the ship cannot rendevous with you. Oh, you can jump up and down on the dock screaming at the ship to hurry up, but oddly enough, that just seems to make the storm worse.  You might decide to try to take control of the situation by rowing out to the ship, but that might be more than you bargain for; while you may eventually reach the ship by rowing feverishly against the current, you may be too exhausted to even tie up to it. That’s about the time you realize, as you lay in the boat too tired to move, that the ship is now racing by you to the dock. And where are you?  Not there!

Clarity is like a ship. Being in your flow is like calm seas. When you realize that the analytical thinking route is like swimming upstream, stop swimming. Go do something that brings you joy, laughter, new interest.  When the random thought of the clarity you seek creeps up, say to yourself, “It’s coming.  I am in my flow, and my flow always takes me where I desire to go, so there’s no way I will miss it.” Then go back to having fun and being happy.  That’s how you know you are in your flow – you feel good! Since you know that your flow is taking you where you want to go, relax and enjoy the ride – no rowing necessary. Keep your focus on fun and doing things that bring you happiness, and I promise you that clarity will soon rendevous with you in exhilirating, wonder-filled, amazing ways!

Happy sailing!


Finding Your Flow

One day after years of working in corporate settings, doing what was expected, achieving what was expected, delivering what was expected, putting up with what was expected – hell, even trying to feel what was expected – I had an epiphany.  I realized that I had been swimming upstream.  Talk about exhausted! There wasn’t a part of me that didn’t ache – mentally, physically or emotionally.  Is it any wonder salmon die after their annual spawning ritual?!

On that day, I not only stopped swimming upstream, but discovered that I could float in my own life’s flow.  It took a while for me to understand that being in my flow was the key to my well-being.  You know, things like happiness, joy, love, abundance, good health – all those wonderous states of being that can be drowned out if you try to follow someone else’s idea of flow? Oh, and here’s a goody!  Most people who tell you what an acceptable flow should be aren’t in their flow – not even in the neighborhood.

There is no document that tells you what or where your flow is.  Your soul and your feelings, however, are awesome guides.  Your feelings instantly signal if you are in your flow (positive feelings), of if you are not (negative feelings).  Neither set of feelings is bad; they are simply letting you know your proximity to your flow rather like a compass.  And when you are in your flow, you are one with your soul, or divine source.  Here, you find knowing – a state of being that feels beyond description.   It is the peace that surpasses all understanding.

But your feelings won’t help much until you focus on them and the thoughts associated with them.  Ever notice how you can be really, over-the-top happy one moment, and upset the next just because something changed that triggered an old thought pattern or false belief?  Focus in this case means caring enough about how you feel to begin consciously seeking out positive thoughts and positive feelings, or positive feelings and positive thoughts.  The sequence is unimportant, but the recognition that the thought and feeling are connected is.

Focused Flow is designed to share positive flow inspiration, co-creation, and love.

So here’s to enjoying your flow!