About Focused Flow

Focused Flow is a site based on focused inspiration, co-creation, and love.  The premise of the site:  What you focus upon you bring on; focus inspired by love, e.g, joy, compassion, fun, well-being, happiness, etc., simply brings it better and faster.  My intention of the site’s content is to remind the reader that every moment of the journey can be – and is – extraordinary.

My name is RJ Bellet.  I know that living in my flow creates delicious experiences of love, joy and all the things I desire because I used to not live in my flow.  I put my desires on hold to ensure I made others happy in their flow. Of course, that just led to me swimming upstream until I realized that, unless I lived in my own flow, I could not bring joy to myself or anyone else! Now I am just happy to be me, floating in my flow, creating and co-creating all the treasures in my life. It is such a relief living happily with my wants, desires and creations versus trying to live for someone else’s. It’s way easier, more energizing, and my horizons have definitely broadened! When it comes to my life, I just let it flow!

CAUTION: The content on this site might very well bring about feelings of joy, love, compassion, fun, or even “aha” moments that will put you directly in your flow! Just remember that if something here helps you in your flow’s journey, YOU did that.  And if it doesn’t help in some way, YOU did that, too!

Your Co-Creator of Extraordinary,